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Therese Picado was always a healthy, busy woman with an active lifestyle. About a year ago she was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, a thickening of the uterine lining, and had a biopsy to ensure that it was not turning into cancer. The biopsy showed that her condition had become a complex version of the condition and that she needed to have a progesterone induced period to rid her body of the extra uterine lining. She agreed to the procedure and began to bleed heavily in the following days.

Therese was extremely focused at the time, busy studying for her massage therapy test the following week. She knew she was bleeding heavily but she thought that was just because of her condition and the shot she was given. She planned to talk to her doctor about it but her test was so close that she wanted to wait until after she’d taken it.

She woke a few days before her test feeling completely exhausted. Therese was normally full of life and energy so this was not normal. She thought she might be anemic from the heavy period so she called her doctor. She went in that day and had a blood test to check for anemia. It came back the next day showing that she was in fact anemic.

Before her doctor could give her the test results she was taken to the ER. The morning of her test Therese was so weak that she had to sit down in the shower. She realized there was no way she was going to make it to her massage therapy test and that there was something really wrong with her.

The ER doctor informed her that she had lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion to recover. Therese was given two units of red cells and a shot of estrogen to stop the life-threatening hemorrhaging. She learned later that the induction of her menstrual cycle is what caused the hemorrhaging.

Therese and Family

Therese said the experience really made her think. “I never thought I’d need a blood transfusion. I’m grateful for the selfless and life-saving gift that was given to me.”

Therese described blood donation as “an act of pure kindness and love.” She hopes that sharing her story will encourage more people to give blood because it really does save lives and you never know when it might be your life that needs saving.

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