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Kasia was 20 months old when she contracted e.coli. The bacteria attacked her tiny system throwing her into complete kidney failure and sending her to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for 42 days. She was diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) which meant she would need dialysis.

She was so anemic upon arrival at Doernbecher that she was transfused with red cells immediately. Kasia began her dialysis treatments the next day and continued them for weeks.

After 3 weeks in ICU Kasia was moved and her doctors determined that the best thing to do was to insert a dialysis catheter in her chest so that her treatments could be continued at home. This surgery did not go well and the doctors had to stop mid-way because her little veins couldn’t handle it.

Shortly after the failed procedure Kasia’s mother, Heather noticed her daughter was bleeding excessively and she notified the doctors. Her condition had deteriorated so far that Kasia was rushed back to ICU and Heather was told to prepare herself for her daughter not to make it through the night. The doctors continued to work on her and Kasia received several blood transfusions throughout that night.

The next morning Kasia’s doctor told Heather that her daughter’s condition had improved 50% overnight. He had been sure that Kasia would not survive the day before and was so overwhelmed by her recovery that he was crying as he delivered the news.

Thanks to the 9 blood transfusions Kasia received and the skilled doctors working on her she did survive and is now a happy, healthy 14 year old. Both Kasia and her mother are thankful for the life-saving blood transfusions and they hope that sharing this story will help others to see how important it is to donate blood.

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