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Lindsay’s Story in her Own Words:

Lindsay and Sam

It was March 28th, 1998. I had spent the week of spring break at the coast in Florence, Oregon with my best friend Sam and his father. It was the last day of our trip and we wanted to make one last stop at the beach before we drove back home. We were playing in the sand and chasing waves. Then we found a huge log to play on. The log was on completely dry sand and far away from the actual tide. Sam and I thought it was fun to climb and sit on. The next thing I can remember is feeling like I was under water and not being able to breathe. A sneaker wave had come clear up to dry sand and knocked me and Sam off of the log. The force of the wave not only knocked us off, but rolled the log over our bodies twice. Once when the tide came in and again when the tide went back out.


Lindsay at the hospital

I don’t remember feeling pain or feeling any emotion in that moment. I just remember once I could breathe again, I began screaming at the top of my lungs. Sam was silent. I tried to get up, but nothing happened. Sam’s father ran over to us and grabbed Sam first because he noticed there was no noise coming from him. Other beach goers came running to our rescue as well. I was picked up by a man and he took me to dry sand and laid me on my back. He asked me questions about my age and where I was from to keep me conscious. Before I knew it, Sam was being life-flighted to Peace Harbor Hospital in Florence. I was then taken by ambulance to the same hospital. I had broken my pelvis in 3 different places. I spent 3 nights in the ICU. This is where I was told that my best friend had passed away.

My parents spent these nights in the hospital watching over me. I had massive internal bleeding from such a large bone break. Here, I was transfused with donated blood. By the third day, I was stabilized and transferred to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, Oregon. I spent just under three weeks at Sacred Heart before being discharged in a wheelchair.

I donate in honor of my Sam, who wasn’t as fortunate as me to have another chance. I donate because I am forever in debt to the people who donated blood when I needed it. I donate because it feels good to know that I am making a difference in someone’s life just like I experienced.

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