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On October 8, 2003, when Melissa was 13 days overdue to deliver her first baby she went to the hospital to have labor induced. Her daughter Lexi was born 24 hours later via C-section. Everyone thought both Melissa and Lexi were doing well, until 6 days later when Melissa had a postpartum hemorrhage. She lost a lot of blood. After emergency surgery, Melissa needed several units of blood to replace what she lost. Unfortunately, only 2 days later she had a second postpartum hemorrhage that required another surgery and more units of blood! Again, another 2 days later Melissa experienced yet a third postpartum hemorrhage — requiring even more blood. Ultimately, Melissa was transfused with 25 units of donated blood and that is what saved her life.

Had it not been for the many strangers who donated blood before Melissa began to hemorrhage Lexi would never have gotten the chance to know her mother and Melissa’s husband Chris would have been left to raise his daughter alone. Melissa and her family ask that if you can, you please donate blood because it really does make a difference and save lives.

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