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Both Sydnay and her youngest daughter are lucky to be alive. Sydnay’s third pregnancy was a difficult one from the beginning. She began having bleeds early on and was told a number of times that she was almost certain to miscarry. Against all odds Sydnay delivered a baby girl named Mia on May 25th, 2009 but not before nearly dying herself.

Sydnay was referred to a specialist, Dr. Katz, fairly early in her pregnancy due to bleeding, risk of miscarriage and a condition called placenta acretta in which the placenta begins attaching to the uterus. She continued to bleed throughout her pregnancy and the condition progressed into placenta percreta—the worst variation in which the placenta moves through the uterus and toward other organs like the bladder—giving Sydnay only a 50-60% chance of survival and her baby only a 20% chance of survival. At this point she was told that early delivery and a hysterectomy were inevitable. Scared and worried Synday and her family waited hoping against all odds that she and her baby girl would be alright.

Twenty-nine weeks into her pregnancy Sydnay experienced a severe bleed and was put on bed rest. A C-Section was scheduled for June 2nd just 30 weeks into her pregnancy, but little Mia didn’t want to wait that long. On May 24th Sydnay began bleeding yet again and Dr. Katz was called to come perform an emergency C-Section after which his wife, Dr. Daughters, would perform the emergency hysterectomy.

Sydnay had already lost a lot of blood before the surgeries even started and the doctors expected her to continue to hemorrhage. Red cell transfusions began before they started the C-Section at 12:40am on May 25th and continued into the afternoon. Sydnay lost what her nurse said was “buckets of blood” throughout both surgeries; the doctors lost count of the number of units they gave her and nearly called time of death. Miraculously thanks to the units of blood and the skilled doctors caring for Sydnay, she made it and somehow her baby girl, Mia made it too.

Sydnay said “without that blood I would be dead. Three kids would not have their mother, a husband would have lost his wife and a family would have lost a daughter and sister.” She knows just how important blood donation is and hopes that sharing her story will inspire others to donate because it truly is a matter of life and death.

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