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Lori Doesn’t Let Iron Deferrals Stop Her
& Neither Should You

Dedicated blood donor, Lori, doesn’t let occasional iron deferrals deter her from giving blood regularly.  “I don’t let iron deferrals keep me from giving blood.  I made a conscious effort to adjust my diet to boost my iron so I can donate regularly.  I eat a lot of spinach and other greens and eat red meat at year round BBQs.” 

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Lane Blood Center knows your time is valuable and we extend gratitude and appreciation to donors who do not give up!  As an added service for donors who’ve been deferred for low iron we offer pre-screening iron checks.  When you come in for your next appointment let the registrar know you’d like your iron checked—she’ll send you back before you fill out paperwork so little time is wasted if you’re unable to give that day.

When asked why she’s been so persistent in her efforts to give Lori said “Donating saves lives.  A lot of people can’t donate and I can.  It’s free.  Even if it cost me money, I would do it!  Once I found out I had ‘trauma blood’ I knew it was important for me to keep donating”.  Lori is type O Negative which is the universal blood type.  This means her blood can be used in cases where there is no time to match blood types like traumas and accidents.   

Lori has given 19 donations with Lane Blood Center.  She is a local mom and State Farm agent.

We hope Lori’s story will encourage you to keep trying.  All blood types are needed all the time and each donation could save up to three lives.

For more information about healthy iron levels and FDA iron requirements click here.

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