Do We Need Your Blood Type?

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       Do We Need Your 

         Blood Type?


Whether you have the most common blood type or the rarest your blood is crucial to the patient who needs it.  Every blood type is needed and they are all important.  Here is a breakdown of the blood type distribution amongst the US population.Think about it this way, if 34% of the population is A+ then about the same percentage of people needing blood will probably be A+.  That is a large on-going need.  If only 1% of the population is AB- then only about 1% of the need will be AB-.  This explains why we might say we need 60 A+ donors today and only 1 AB-.

Another important factor in the blood type equation is ethnicity.  Some blood types are more common within certain ethnic groups.  For example B is much more common amongst Asians than Causasians.  In the general public only about 11% of people are type B but within the Asian population nearly 25% have this blood type.  Also, about 19% of African Americans are type B.  Because Lane County is not very ethnically diverse Lane Blood Center is often lacking in B donors, especially B-.

If you are a donor and we call you often, know that we really do need you that often.  If we don’t call you often it’s because you are rare and we’re saving you for when we really need you.

If you don’t know your blood type we encourage you to donate and find out.  Chances are you’re a type we need.  You can schedule your appointment by clicking the “Make your appointment today!” button in the upper right corner of the page or by calling 541-484-9111.

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