Long Time Donor Celebrates 400th

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   Long Time Donor

   Celebrates 400th

Staff gathered in the lobby of Lane Blood Center today with the Oregon Tuba Ensemble to surprise long time blood donor Dave Tobin during his 400th donation! Click here to see the video!

Dave began giving blood years ago in the army where he says; “Everyone gave. They didn’t ask you. It was expected.”  When he learned how easy it was to donate he was happy to continue and the habit has stuck throughout his life.

Donating blood took on a new meaning for Dave when his brother passed away from blood cancer.  He now gives apheresis every two weeks in honor of his brother.  Apheresis donations are often used in the treatment of cancer patients. Learn more about apheresis here.

What else keeps Dave coming back to LBC?  He says “It’s such an enjoyable experience. It’s like family here. I always see smiling faces.”  Well, we feel the same way about you Dave!

Thanks for the countless lives you’ve helped save.

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