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Greg is both a blood donor and a blood recipient. He now gives regularly and volunteers with Lane Blood Center speaking to people about the need for blood after learning first-hand how blood donation saves lives. Greg used 26 units of blood during the summer of 2010. He says “without that life-giving blood I wouldn’t be here today.”

In June of 2010 Greg went to the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally in Baker, OR. While heading home his life took an unexpected turn when his motorcycle was struck by another vehicle on State Road 7 between Baker and John Day. “I went from being a motorcycle rider, to an accident victim, to my death bed, to being a survivor in about a week” Greg said.

Though he doesn’t remember his accident he is told he was screaming in pain as he lay on the pavement losing a lot of blood. His wife, a few friends on the ride and a stranger stopped to help shortly after he was hit. The state police in John Day were contacted but it took them nearly 45 minutes to arrive. At the hospital in John Day they tried to help but they didn’t have the resources to care for such a severe trauma so Greg was taken by Life Flight to St. Alfonso Hospital in Boise, ID.

Greg sustained a broken shoulder blade, broken ribs, punctured lungs, a broken pelvis, a broken right leg, a broken left arm and hand, a mangled left leg and internal bleeding. His wife was told that there was no guarantee he could even survive the flight to Boise and was urged to rush to Boise along with any family that may want to see him. Greg’s wife and daughter arrived late that night to an unrecognizable Greg.

Over the next week Greg lost his left leg and a finger and began to heal his broken body. “Thanks to prayer, modern medical care and 26 units of life-giving blood I survived” Greg says.

Since his accident Greg has recuperated with the help of a prosthetic leg which has now allowed to walk multiple 5Ks. Greg hopes to inspire others to donate blood by sharing his story and giving himself.

Watch Greg’s first donation after his accident and hear why he gives.

“I’m happy to be sitting in this chair helping lives.”

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