Give With Your Small Group

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  Give With Your

    Small Group

 Looking for a way your business or community group can give back?  Be like Agate Healthcare and bring a group down to Lane Blood Center to save lives.

Blood drive coordinator Mike Flagg organizes two blood drives a year with his company but he and other employees want to donate more regularly because they know that you can give blood every 56 days (about 6 times a year).  To accomplish this, Mike organized a group of employees to carpool over to the blood center together between drives.

Mike says “We left the office, donated and returned back to work within about an hour. It was awesome. I would encourage other companies to contact LBC and do the same. It’s a great way to do something constructive for the community as an organization, and it gives your staff the opportunity to do something offsite with their coworkers.”

Agate Healthcare has made giving a fun, social activity for their employees. Your group could do the same. Shuttle together to save money on gas and if you bring 10 or more people we’ll buy you pizza!  Call 541-484-9111 to schedule your small group today!

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