More than 40 years…thanks Donna!

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  More Than 40 Years…

       Thanks Donna!


Donna Mostella has been involved with Lane Blood Center (formerly Lane Memorial Blood Bank) since the 1960’s when she began donating blood.  She developed a passion for the work done here and began volunteering as a blood drive coordinator (or Chairman of a Donor Club as it used to be called) for the Willamette National Forest Service in the early 1970’s.  She was soon noticed as an invaluable resource and asked to help with other volunteer duties including registering blood donors at mobile drives and catering luncheons at the blood center.

After retiring from the Forest Service in 1987, Donna accepted a paid position at Lane Memorial Blood Bank (now Lane Blood Center).  The position was supposed to be temporary, “just a few months” she was told.  Now more than 20 years later, Donna is retiring from that “temporary” position as a bloodmobile registrar/telerecruiter.

When asked what she’ll miss most Donna tells stories about high school blood drives.  She loved working with the students and encouraging them to start a life-long habit of donating blood.  One story in particular stands out in Donna’s memory.  “I was at Churchill High School blood drive and was a boy who was about to pass out.  I asked him to lie down, cough and kick his legs (to help his circulation) but he wouldn’t cooperate. I finally said “That’s OK. I just renewed my CPR certification a few days ago and I’m just dying to practice mouth to mouth on someone.” He immediately lay on the floor and started coughing as I’d asked” Donna says with a chuckle.  Her humor served her well and was a favorite with donors and staff alike.

What will Donna do with her time now that she’s actually retired?  She’ll stay busy!  She and her husband Jim are raising their great-granddaughter Emma.  Donna plans to start volunteering at Emma’s school, spending more time in her garden and maybe even riding motorcycles.  Donna says “My one regret in life is that I never got a Harley.” Well it’s not too late!

Donna will also continue to donate blood regularly; she’s up to 108 donations so far!  “It’s such an easy thing to do for your community. One hour every two months…we can all squeeze that in” Donna encourages.

From all of us at Lane Blood Center, thank you Donna for your years of life-saving service!

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  1. Laura Caldwell Posted on March 28, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Donna…we will miss you! You were our favorite registrar at our drives and made our job so much easier. Thank you for loving us and not just being our registrar but being our friend. Thanks too for all the amazing molasses cookies! They are healing cookies!

    Love you…Laura and Hugh

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