Donate Life!

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 Donate Life!



April is National Donate Life Month.  All across the nation people are encouraged to become organ and tissue donors.  While there are some organs and tissues that can be donated while you are still alive much of this donation takes place post mortem.

Please register to become an organ donor by clicking this graphic.

Did you know that without blood donations most organ donations would be rendered useless?  The major surgery required to transplant most organs almost always results in a need for blood products.  For example, a typical liver transplant can use up to 10 units of red cells, 20 units of plasma and 10 units of platelets-that’s up to 40 blood donations for one patient!

Lane Blood Center encourages you to donate life this April by registering to become an organ donor here or by donating blood at any Lane Blood Center blood drive.  Schedule your life-saving blood donation by clicking the “Make Your Appointment TODAY!” button at

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