1 Donation=3 Lives

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1 Donation=3 Lives


If you’ve ever donated blood, you’ve probably heard that your donation could help save three lives.  Has anyone ever explained how that is true?  Your one whole blood donation could save three lives because it is broken into its seperate components: red cells, platelets and plasma.  Each of these components could be used to help a different person.

What does each of these components do?  Red blood carry oxygen and iron throughout the body.  Platelets help the body form scabs to stop bleeding.  Plasma makes up the majority of blood volume and transports the other blood cells, maintaining blood pressure and aiding in clotting.

Red blood cells are often used to treat anemia and blood loss from surgery and/or trauma.  Platelets are needed for many cancer patients, in leukemia treatment and often used during transplant surgeries.  Since plasma maintains blood pressure and assists in clotting, it is essential in many medical procedures and emergency situations.  Each component plays a crucial role and is needed to save lives every day.

Your blood donation will be seperated and each of these components will be processed to ensure that a maximum number of patients benefit from your generosity.  What an extraordinary gift–1 donation= 3 lives!

Make an appointment to save 3 lives at www.lanebloodcenter.org today.

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