Thank You Volunteers!

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   Thank You Volunteers! 


It is National Volunteer Week and therefore a wonderful time to remind our donors, blood drive coordinators, volunteers and supporters how much we appreciate them.  LBC wouldn’t be able to support our area hospitals without the extraordinaory contributions of all of you.

National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 as a way to inspire and encourage people to seek out ways to get involved in their communities.  It is also a time to recognize those who already give back.

Yesterday we were able to recognize one of our valued volunteers through our Coordinator of the Quarter Program.  Starla Ambrose was honored for her contributions to Lane Blood Center and our community through her work as the blood drive coordinator for the Thurston Community Blood Drive at Umpqua Bank. 

Starla has been organizing the blood drives at her Umpqua Bank branch for about 4 years and in that time has managed to turn a once small, business blood drive into a thriving community blood drive.  She does a fantastic job motivating employees and community members to donate blood and keeps them coming back with lots of snacks and welcoming smiles.  Thanks Starla for all you do!

For more information about National Volunteer Week click here.

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