Behind the Scenes at LBC

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   Behind the Scenes at LBC


This week is National Laboratory Professionals Week and we’d like to thank the Lane Blood Center Component Technicians for all that they do to keep our operations running smoothly.  Behind the scenes they play a vital role by preparing each unit of blood for delivery to our hospitals.

“There’s more to it than just taking the blood to the hospital–there’s a process” says Amber Baird (LBC Component Technician).  Each unit of blood is made into multiple products taking about half an hour per unit to process.  Our laboratory staff is also responsible for the quality control and labeling of our blood.

Without the diligent attention to detail of this crew our blood center would not be able to pass yearly inspections by agencies such as America’s Blood Centers, AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks) and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Without these accreditations Lane Blood Center would be forced to halt operations.

Our laboratory staff is proud to be a part of the LBC team and we’re proud of the important work that they do.  “I still am amazed by it.  You take something from one body and give it to another” says Terri Madsen (LBC Component Technician).  We agree Terri; saving lives is amazing work that couldn’t be done without each of you.  Thank you for processing our donors’ extraordinary gifts of blood.  (Pictured at right-Khadija Hasan, Terri Madsen, Amber Baird and Vanessa Cook)

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