Passing on the Gift of Life: The Bredesen Family

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Passing on the Gift of Life


If you do the math it’s an amazing show of dedication. 139 donations to the Red Cross, 67 to Lane Blood Center. John Bredesen Sr. joined Lane Blood at Lane Community College to donate his 209th pint of blood.


John Bredesen Sr. and his 209th donation

To put this into perspective that’s nearly half of a 55 gallon drum of oil. Or more than 25 gallons of milk.

He talks about how many people you can save with one donations, which is like three people. It’s the human aspect of it.

– Kelsey Bredesen


And John Sr. didn’t stop there. What started at the age of 18 became a passion passed down through three generations of the Bredesen family. John Sr. was joined on this drive by his son John Jr. and his granddaughter Kelsey. It would be Kelsey’s first donation, the first of many she says.


We want to thank the Bredesen family and hope to hear more stories of amazing dedication, hope and passion for helping others.




Thanks John Sr., John Jr. and Kelsey! You guys rock.


Here’s video of the interview

Passing on the Gift of Life

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