Celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week

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Nurse Appreciation Week 

You have to go in the mindset that you really want to care for people… when you become a nurse, that has to come with you” – John, RN

Between the front desk, the donation chairs, the frosted cookies and even the blog posts, Lane Blood Center would cease to be without the continued dedication, professionalism and straightforward awesomeness of our nurses and collection staff.

Linda, A.J. and Heather

May 6th through May 12th is National Nurse Appreciation week. The 12th of May marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, and like Florence, our nurses are pioneers of their craft.

 History of National Nurses Week

Our nurses carry on the spirit of Florence Nightingale in everything they do, from caring for patients to the very specific handling practices of donations. It’s not an easy job and their tireless efforts save lives on a weekly basis.

“The caring aspect has to be in your blood, the nurturing, whether it comes with you or if it’s not with you you definitely develop that skillset in becoming a nurse”

Show your appreciation by stopping by, saying hi and thanking our nurses and collection staff even when the week is over because a nurse’s work is never finished. 




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