Thank you to High School and College Donors

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Thank you High Schools and Colleges

High Schools, Universities and Colleges make up a huge percentage of donations in Lane County. Without the help of new donors and returning heroes the blood supply would be dangerously low. 

With the school year approaching it’s end and a summer of possibilities ahead, Lane Blood Center wants to recognize those that took time out of their day to sit down, donate blood, save a life and grab a cookie (or slice of pizza).

Of course none of this would be possible without our coordinators who were the lifeblood of another extraordinary year of donations. 


Our Coordinators:


CGHS Eric Cullander & Volunteers
Churchill Whitney Merrill
Creswell Sierra Hastings
Elmira HS Forest Cooper
JCHS Gary Giddens & Student Volunteers
LCC Pete Peterson, Judy Ann Fuller & Vicky Doughty & Volunteers
Lowell HS John Boyle
Marist Bill Ferrari & Student Volunteers
Mohawk HS Kori Kopecky, Dianne Stewart & MHS National Honor Society
NEHS Brian Steveson
Pleasant Hill Candace Joyner
Riverfront School Tammy Coleman & Student Volunteers
Sheldon Sally Stender
SEHS Dana Rosen
Springfield HS Natalie Foster & Meagan Hamilton
Thurston Don McElroy’s AP Biology Class
UO UO Blood Drive Association
Willamette Britny Belcher


Thank you to everyone who showed up and gave the gift of life.


 Ordinary People, Extraordinary Giftssm. 




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