Every two seconds someone in the world needs blood

This Thursday, June 14th marks World Blood Donor Day. Countries worldwide will celebrate WBDD as we work to raise awareness of the dire need for voluntary blood donation. From Korea to South Africa to Eugene, Oregon. 

The 7th annual World Blood Donor Day is held on the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the Austrian Biologist and Physician who first identified blood types and classified them as A, B and O. Landsteiner won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work which led to the first successful blood transfusion in 1907. 

Karl Landsteiner, classified Blood Types

In honor of Landsteiner’s work Lane Blood Center and centers all over the world thank our donors and look forward to another year of heroes donating for the sake of others. 

From the World Health Organization:
“Every country needs to have a well-coordinated national blood service to ensure adequate and safe supply of blood for all patients that require transfusion. The best way that countries can assure a reliable, safe blood supply is to obtain 100% of blood donations from voluntary, unpaid donors. In 2008, 62 countries had reached that goal (from 39 countries in 2002) and many more are making rapid progress.” 


About World Blood Donor Day


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