Impending O+ Shortage in Coming Days

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Lane Blood Center has seen a chronic shortage of O+ blood in recent months and current inventory levels indicate an impending shortage in the coming days.  

Background: Nearly 7500 O+ units were distributed to hospitals during the last year.  In fact, 85% of the Lane County population can receive transfusions of O+ blood due to its suitability for transfusion recipients.  Unfortunately, only 38% of the Caucasian (non-hispanic) population of Lane County has this blood type.  Therein lies the problem that Lane Blood Center faces.  There are a lot of patients that need this blood type but not enough O+ donors to support it.  Click below to hear Doug Engel, Lane Blood Center CEO, explain blood type compatibility.

The bottom line is more O+ volunteer blood donors are needed.  If you’re an O+ donor we thank you! If you know your blood type is O+ and you’ve never donated blood please consider it.  It takes less than hour of your time and it will save 3 lives!

If you don’t know your blood type there is a good chance (about 38%) that it is O+ since that is the most common type.  Please schedule an appointment between 8:15 and 9am Tuesday, August 21st or 28th for a FREE blood type screening to find out for sure.

If you’d like to make an appointment you can do so at or by calling 541-484-9111.


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