Success Stories: Chrissy Hollett

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Chrissy Hollett is a blood donor herself and even coordinates blood drives for her fire station.  While as a firefighter, she always understood the need for blood in case of an emaergency, she never thought she’d be the one in need of a blood transfusion.

Last December Chrissy gave birth to her son via c-section and during the delivery she lost a lot of blood.  She was left feeling weak and told that she should have a blood transfusion.  She initially declined feeling that she could recover on her own but when she still felt too weak to walk around the day she was leaving the hospital she began to reconsider.

Chrissy was told her blood counts were so low that if she were to get in even a minor car accident on the way home any injury could cause her to bleed to death.  She realized the risk wasn’t worth it.  Before she left the hospital she received 3 units of red blood cells and felt a jolt of energy as a result.

Chrissy says “This experience made giving blood so much more personal to me.  I never thought I’d be the recipient.”

She encourages everyone to donate blood saying “If you’re not the recipient it could be your son or your daughter, your wife or your husband. Blood is needed so badly. If people could just put that a little more in perspective it would really help a great amount of people.”


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