Success Stories: Nancy Trautman

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In January of 2012 Nancy Trautman’s life was turned upside down by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, her second cancer site in two years; she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2010.  Since her January diagnosis, Nancy has had 3 blood transfusions to aid in her recovery.  Prior to her blood transfusions she has no energy and no desire to do anything but lay in bed due to the toll chemotherapy takes on her body. After a transfusion she is up and moving, ready to to do the things she loves to do.

Nancy has been a nurse for 21 years and has 13 grandchildren who she loves to spend time with.  She’s grateful that blood has allowed her to stay active throughout her cancer treatment.

She wants people to know that there are more reasons to give blood than just accidents.  Many cancer patients, like Nancy, depend on blood to keep them going throughout their treatment.  “For me it is an improvement in the quality of my life.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am to whoever donated those units” Nancy says.


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