Why Do You Give?

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Why Do You Give?

First time donor, Robert had an interesting story about what brought him in to Lane Blood Center this week.  Just before Christmas his sister-in-law had complications while delivering his niece.  Blood transfusions saved her life.  That alone is a wonderful reason to give blood, but that’s not the whole story.

Every year, Robert’s family gets together during the holidays to spend time together and enjoy some family traditions.  One of those traditions is a Secret Santa gift exchange.  Each family member draws a name and buys a gift for that person.  This year Robert’s sister-in-law requested that they give in a different way.

She was so grateful for the generous and selfless act of blood donation that she requested that her family continue to ‘pay it forward’ to repay the kindness she was shown.  She wrote a number of ways to give back to the community and pay it forward on index cards.  She asked her family members to each draw one.  Whatever act was drawn must be completed and a photo posted to Facebook as proof and to hopefully encourage others to pay it forward.

Robert’s wife delivered flowers to a hospital, his daughter wrote inspirational statements with sidewalk chalk at a local school.  Other examples were baking cookies for a local fire station or giving a care package to a homeless person.  Robert drew donate blood.  Though he was nervous (and camera shy) he completed the act as requested and was happy that he did.

Paying it forward in honor of a family member is a great reason to donate.  What was your reason for giving blood the first time?  What makes you keep coming back?  We’d love to hear your stories! Post them to our Facebook, email them to [email protected] or let staff know when you’re at your next appointment.  We want to share your stories to inspire others to give.

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