Blood Drive Coordinator of the Quarter

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Blood Drive Coordinator of the Quarter—Marjorie Jensen

Marjorie Jensen has been coordinating blood drives once a quarter at Bethesda Lutheran Church for longer than our records go back. When I asked Marjorie if she could remember when she started she said “I know it’s been a very long time…I have no idea what year I started.”  She does however remember her first blood drive. She was nervous that she might not get enough people to give blood but she was able to fill all the appointments on her list and add five walk-ins!  Her worry then changed to whether or not our staff could handle so many donors—but everything worked out well.

Marjorie continues to challenge our staff with full appointment sheets and numerous walk-ins at every Bethesda Lutheran Church Blood Drive.  Because of this and her many years of service to Lane Blood Center she is being honored as Coordinator of the Quarter. Lane Blood Center and the patients of Lane County are so grateful for the time, effort and dedication Marjorie puts into her blood drives. 

When asked why she continues to coordinate blood drives after all these years Marjorie says “It’s very important to make sure there is a safe and plentiful supply of blood at all times.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Thank you, Marjorie!

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