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Malissa Bare is fortunate to be here today.  When she was 12 years old she nearly lost her life after a pick-up truck collided with her bicycle head-on at 55 mph on a rural country road.  It took 45 minutes for an ambulance to reach her and another hour to get her to the nearest hospital.  During that time she lost a lot of blood.

Malissa broke both legs and arms, and severely dislocated her shoulder. Part of her right shoulder was also sheared off when she crashed through the windshield of the pick-up truck.  She spent a month in the hospital, needed several surgeries and a number of life-saving units of blood to recover from her injuries.  “As they were reconstructing I needed a lot of blood…a lot of blood. It’s through donors that I got the blood I needed…I really think that saved my life” Malissa says.

As soon as Malissa was old enough she wanted to give blood to repay the kindness that was given to her.  She wasn’t able to donate and was sadened that she couldn’t help save lives through giving blood.  When Malissa was asked to share her story she said “I am so happy that I can finally do a tiny part to give back!” Malissa hopes that sharing her story and her gratitude for the gift of blood will encourage others to give the extraordinary gift of blood and save lives like hers.


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