SUCCESS STORIES: Vincent Derschon

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Vincent Derschon: 16 year old success story and sophmore at Springfield High School looks like any other high school student. You’d never know that in 2009 Vincent almost lost his life.

While working as a farm hand Vincent slipped trying to fix a 400 pound roller. The large piece of farm equipment rolled over him breaking a number of bones and causing internal bleeding.  Vincent was rushed to the hospital where he had surgery to repair the damage. During his one week stay in the hospital he received multiple units of blood.

Vincent is grateful to the blood donors who helped him survive his accident.  He knows he wouldn’t be here without those life-saving units of blood. To show his gratitude Vincent has become a blood donor himself.  He’s happy to be alive and to give blood to help others.

Vincent’s Story from Lane Blood on Vimeo.

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