Giving Back to Our Community

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Every now and then you meet someone who truly inspires you to be a better person. That was the case when Jolene Proctor gave blood after being cancer free for three years and shared her story with us. She has an amazing story that easily could have discouraged her kind heart and giving spirit, but it didn’t. Jolene has had cancer three times and each time has fought through the diagnosis and surgeries that followed and continued to give as soon and as much as she was able.

She wants cancer survivors to be aware that you are able to give (blood, bone marrow, organs, etc.) after you’ve had cancer. A cancer survivor just needs to be cancer free for one year to be eligible to donate blood again.

Jolene even gave bone marrow to her fire chief’s daughter after surviving cancer. Thanks in part to Jolene’s gift, that little girl is still cancer free and wants to grow up to be a scientist that will cure cancer.

“I donate blood, plasma and bone marrow just so I can give back to the community. I was taught by my grandparents, give all you can and with my dream jobs I’m doing nothing but helping people” Jolene told us. She has been a firefighter, paramedic, Army National Guard and is now studying to be a children’s therapist. She also vows to continue giving blood and bone marrow whenever she can.

Jolene is a living testament to why we believe in ordinary people who give extraordinary gifts. Thank you for your inspiration, Jolene! We hope others will be as inspired as we were by your story.

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