Donate sooner than you think after getting ink

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drop handOne of the most frequently asked questions at blood drives comes from tattoo and piercing enthusiasts.

Can I still donate?

The answer may surprise you:

Receiving a tattoo in Oregon, where tattoo parlors are regulated by the state, does not automatically prevent someone from donating blood. People with tattoos can present to donate blood as long as the tattoo was applied by a state-regulated parlor using sterile needles and ink that has not been reused.

Those who receive tattoos in a state that does not regulate tattoo parlors, such as Washington, must wait 12 months after receiving the tattoo to present to donate blood.

The same holds true for piercings.

People with tattoos and piercings make great blood donors for many reasons, including this one: You’re obviously not afraid of needles!

Click Here to learn more about donor eligibility requirements. And thanks for giving!

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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