In Your Words: Best Part of Donating?

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What’s the best thing about giving blood?

We recently asked our Facebook friends that question. We learned a lot about you from your responses, and we liked what we saw. Here’s what you said:

The lifesavers:

“The feeling you get when you know you can help save someone’s life with part of your own.” Teresa M.

“Knowing you helped save a life.” Danielle S.

“Saving lives!!!” Sarah J.

The community-minded:

“The dizzy spells after donation can be fun. But knowing you’ve helped someone who needed it is the best thing. It’s a selfless giving that neither asks nor expects repayment.” Angela R.

“It’s uniquely personal. Giving blood is giving part of me. For other donations, I can write a check but it isn’t the same as giving away a part of me.” Trace W.

“It helps someone, and it’s not hard to do. I feel blessed when I’m done.” Carol K.

“For me, it’s the sense of giving back to the community.” Rebecca T.

The snackers:

“Cookies!!” Angela T.

“Having a pint afterwards… muahahahaa!” Brass V.

And the economist:

“The Return on Investment is HUGE!” Lewis T.

Whatever your reason, we want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you. You’re saving lives and helping make this community a better place for everyone.

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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