During the week of Sept. 8-14, Lane Blood Center joins other blood centers across the country in celebrating the ninth annual Blood Collectors Week. The celebration recognizes the critical role blood collectors play in helping ensure blood is available to patients in need.

Bonny Thomas

Bonny Thomas, RN, prepares donor Rebecca Boling for apheresis

People like Bonny Thomas, a registered nurse with 31 years of nursing experience. She joined Lane Blood Center nine years ago after working in a hospital setting. She loves the fact that donors are healthy, happy, and at the Center voluntarily. “There’s always a lot of laughter coming out of here,” she says of the Center. “And you get to be friends with these people, the donors. You get to really connect.” Bonny recently participated in one donor’s 50th birthday celebration.

Vanessa Cook

Phlebotomist Vanessa Cook chats with frequent donor John Heasly

Phlebotomist Vanessa Cook also enjoys working with donors including John Heasly, who made his 43rd donation recently. Vanessa says she has heard some amazing stories from some amazing people over the years. “People are doing this for a reason,” she says. “A lot of people have family who have needed blood, and they’re here to give back.”

Kathleen Floyd

Donor Assistant Coordinator Kathleen Floyd prepares donated blood for storage

Donor assistant coordinator Kathleen Floyd was a retiree who had recently moved to the area when she saw an ad for a position at Lane Blood. A long-time donor, she thought working for the Center sounded great. Four years later, she’s still here, working in the canteen, setting up the schedule, serving as an escort at the mobile blood drives, and handling blood immediately after donation. “I just believe in our mission so much, and the fact that people come in voluntarily, sometimes after work when they’ve had a long day and are tired,” she says. “The people I work with are wonderful, and we have the best cookies in town!”


Why is giving blood important? Here are some facts:

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood.BCWlogo

That translates into 44,000 units of blood needed every day.

There currently is no substitute for donated blood.

Only 5.4 percent of the eligible population donates blood on a regular basis.

Donated blood may go to help:

  • A mother who needs a C-section
  • A soccer player who needs a knee replacement
  • A grandfather who has had an aneurysm
  • A teacher who needs heart surgery
  • A college student who has been in a car accident
  • A firefighter who has been burned

Blood is available for these patients due to the outstanding contributions of you, the donor, and the phlebotomists, apheresis operators, recruiters, technicians, drivers and everyone else involved in supporting the nation’s blood supply.

Community members are encouraged to show their support for this valuable profession by making an appointment to donate blood, and helping blood collectors meet local blood supply needs. To schedule a donation, please call Lane Blood Center at 541-484-9111 or schedule online at https://appointment.laneblood.org/.

To all of you, we say: Thank You!

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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  1. Sue Weldon Posted on September 11, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Yay for the Lane Blood employees! What a great bunch of people. 🙂

    • Rebecca Taylor Posted on September 11, 2013 at 1:30 pm

      Thanks, Sue. We think so, too!

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