Doug and Tim

Past LBC Board President Tim Mahalak (left) and CEO Doug Engel

Thank you.

That was the message at Lane Blood Center’s Annual Appreciation Dinner, held Oct. 17 at Lane Community College.

Thank you for your donations. Thank you for your volunteer time. Thank you for your dedication, your community service, your caring and compassion.

“We’re here to express our gratitude to every blood donor, whether you’ve just given your very first pint or you’ve made 470-plus donations,” Lane Blood Center CEO Doug Engel told the crowd.

Undisputed queen of Lane County

In mentioning “470-plus donations,” Doug was referring to the undisputed queen of Lane County, 84-year-old Eleanor Mulder, who has notched a total of 474 donations to Lane Blood Center. She points out that she donated at least a dozen times before moving to the area decades ago, making her total number of pints even higher.

“It’s my only claim to fame — I’m the top blood donor in Lane County,” Eleanor said, noting that she has donated consistently since her 16th birthday, taking time out only for the births of her four children. She and husband Tony Mulder are preparing to celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary in the spring.


Tony and Eleanor Mulder, who has donated blood 474 times

She began donating in her home state of Missouri, when her Presbyterian minister encouraged church youth by saying, “Not only is it a good thing to do, but it doesn’t cost anything.”

Eleanor wasn’t the only donor recognized at the event. Lane Blood staffers Anne O’Connell and David Lund read the names of dozens of dedicated donors, who have helped save countless lives in this community.

See below for a list of the honorees, and keep an eye out for future posts to our website about how those donations have been used to save lives.

75th Milestone

Gary Blackham, Patricia Duke, Joann Durfee, Joyce Fish, Gerald Gorton, Matthew Jones, Raymond Miller, John O’Brien, Eugene Obersinner, Janice Taylor, Simon Thaler, Bill Weinman, Debbie Wolf, Jay Zink

100th Milestone

James Bridges, Jerry Carter, Barbara Cook, Samuel Corley, Jannice Cox, John Downey, Tom Draggoo, Arthur Emmons, Arie Gluz, Larry Leaton, Regina Love, Barbara Majesky, Joseph Mason, Steve Northrop, Herbert Pounds, Maureen Robeson, Mary Ellen Spink

120th Milestone

Manuel Balesteri, Carol Carr, Charlene Gates, Judith Kadrmas, Jerold Matsui, Vona Ogren, Louis O’Malley, Ivan Vandeberg

140th Milestone

Melinda Ballmer, Genee Heinz, Nancy Rose, Dwayne Raabe

160th Milestone

Doug Keeler

180th Milestone


2013 Annual Appreciation Dinner

Patricia Baldwin, Larry Wickizer

200th Milestone

Roberta Cooper

260th Milestone

Dave Horton, John Weare

280th Milestone

Joseph Key

300th Milestone

Dennis Rowlison

380th Milestone

Bill Wardle

420th Milestone

Dave Tobin

474 Donations

Eleanor Mulder

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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