Post-Donation Snacking

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snacksA snack and a refreshing drink are an important part of your recovery after donating blood. That light meal may seem like a small token, but it accomplishes several important tasks.

Saying Thank You

A pint of blood can save as many as three lives. All too often, blood supplies run critically short. We like to say thanks for your donation, your time and your kindness with a small meal.

Preventing Wooziness

Some donors experience light-headedness, dizziness or weakness after donating. Resting for about 15 minutes after giving blood can help you regain your composure. And a light snack may help restore strength.

Replacing Fluid

Having something to drink immediately after giving blood begins the vital fluid replacement process. Blood donors should drink plenty of fluids during the 24 to 48 hours after giving.

Replacing Iron

A light snack followed by a hearty meal after donating can restore iron levels that may have dropped after giving blood.

Your Favorites

We asked our Facebook friends for their favorite post-donation snacks and got a wave of responses:

“Chocolate marshmallow cookies! So bad for me yet so good.” — Ann

“Those cheesy Ruffles potato chips. Salty goodness.” — Rebecca

“Junction City lemon bars” — Matthew

“Snicker doodle slathered in cream cheese!” — Becky

“Cookies! Only time I allow myself to indulge without guilt!!!!” — Bonnie

“A bagel with cream cheese. And coffee. Got to get that caffeine I’ve been avoiding all day!” — Angela

“Cocktail nuts and a martini.” — John

“Probably just like everyone else… Elk sausage and extra sharp white cheddar on a rye cracker!” — Hugh

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Author: Rebecca Taylor

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