Liz and Reilly in the Mix

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Reilly prepares to donate for the first time

Radio hosts Liz Kelly and Mary Reilly — or Liz and Reilly to their fans — put their words into action Thursday when they visited Lane Blood Center to donate blood.

The hosts of Morning Mix on KMGE Mix 94.5 FM recently broadcast a story about Lane Blood’s efforts to prevent a blood shortage following the recent snowstorm that affected donations in the area. “We challenged each other to go down and donate blood,” Liz said. They also encouraged listeners to join them, promising a free T-shirt to anyone who did.


Fan Carrie Lynn (center) made her 35th donation

The pair followed through on Thursday, Dec. 19, and were joined by fan Carrie Lynn Welch, a regular donor and volunteer. Carrie Lynn made her 35th donation that day.

It was Reilly’s first ever donation. As a radio personality, she has been promoting blood donation for years, but this was the first time she met the weight minimum and became eligible. “To promote it for all that time and not be able to give was frustrating for me,” she said. “That’s not my style.”

Her donation went smoothly. “People keep asking me if I’m feeling OK,” she joked. “It’s making me nervous. Should I not be feeling OK?”


Liz pouts when she learns she can’t donate

A disappointed (and pouting) Liz had to sit this one out. She was still recovering from a cold and didn’t want to risk spreading any germs by donating too soon. “I’ll be back next week,” she promised.

The pair was rewarded with a giant custom cookie from Crumb Together, a bakery at 980 Oak St. in Eugene. “Soft rock meets soft cookie,” it said.

What did they think about donating?

“It’s better than therapy because you feel so good afterward,” Reilly said.


A cookie from Crumb Together cheers Liz up

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  1. Kristi McElhinney Posted on December 19, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    hahaha…(donating blood) is better than therapy because it feels so good.

    Too true! I loved getting to meet you guys!


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