Lane instructor turns students into donors

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Harriet Behm is personally responsible for creating 871 new Lane Blood Center donors.

Since 2006, the Lane Community College chemistry instructor has offered her students extra credit for donating blood during the class term. Those who cannot or chose not to donate can earn the same extra credit for writing a paper about blood donation.

“I’ve never had anyone come back from giving blood with a negative experience,” Harriet said during this week’s blood drive at Lane Community College. The three-day drive continues Thursday, Feb. 6, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (blood drive closed at noon due to weather) in the cafeteria.

The idea came from a student. Lane Blood Center was holding a drive on campus, and the student yelled out in class, “You going to give us extra credit to give blood?” Harriet’s answer was yes, and many in the class donated that day.

The next term, the same student was once again in one of Harriet’s classes. And once again she suggested students get extra credit for donating. The student is long ago graduated now, but the tradition continues.

The extra credit doesn’t amount to much — just seven points in a class worth 580. “For most people, it doesn’t affect their grades,” Harriet said. “They do it because they’re curious, or they’ve always wanted to do it but never had the opportunity.”

A regular donor herself, Harriet frequently sees former students when she visits Lane Blood Center to donate.

Thanks, Harriet, for helping create a whole new generation of blood donors and life-savers!

Harriet Behm from Lane Blood on Vimeo.

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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