Teen donors saving lives

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Ariston has donated twice

Ariston’s dad is a blood donor, so when the Sheldon High School junior turned 16, he started donating, too.

Seventeen-year-old Rebekah’s sister relies on donated blood to manage a chronic illness. Rebekah has donated three times since turning 16, to give back to the system that helps keep her sister alive.

Pavel, 16, recently donated for the first time. “I just wanted to give more,” he said. “I just kind of felt the need.”

Oregon is one of about 30 states that allow teenagers to donate blood after their 16th birthday, and one of a handful that do not require written parental consent.


Rebekah has made three donations

Admitting 16 year olds into the donor community helps strengthen the local blood supply. There is no substitute for blood, so a healthy and robust donor community is vital to our ability to serve those in need.

Plus, blood donation allows teens to express maturity and civic responsibility. Like Pavel, many teens want to contribute to the community, and donating blood is a simple and meaningful way to do so. For many, like Ariston, it’s a family tradition. For others, like Rebekah, it’s a way of giving back and expressing gratitude.


Pavel recently donated for the first time

Do you know a teen who would like to donate blood? Call 541-484-9111 or visit www.laneblood.org for more information about donor eligibility and upcoming donation opportunities.

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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