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The Grace family today

The Grace family is grateful. Erin Grace and her daughter Delilah Jane are happy and healthy today, but this time last year things were much different. On March 15, 2013, Erin suffered a placental abruption 12 weeks before her due date and was forced to deliver her baby girl by emergency C-section.

Erin is a labor and delivery nurse at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend and thankfully she was on duty that night. Around 4 a.m. she started feeling dizzy, by 6 a.m. she was in pain and by 7 a.m. she had started bleeding and knew something was very wrong. Delilah was delivered before 8 o’clock that morning.

Erin gives her first donation

Erin gives her first donation

The placental abruption had caused internal bleeding into the uterine wall. This would have caused Erin’s uterus to rupture had it gone on much longer. “I am so lucky I was at the hospital when this happened because once your uterus ruptures you have about five minutes to live,” Erin explains. “I’m not sure we would have made it to the hospital in time, and I know Delilah wouldn’t have made it.”

Gary gives his 34th donation

Grandpa Gary gives his 34th donation

After her emergency C-section, Erin received nine units of blood; almost enough to replace her entire blood volume. “My husband jokes that I’m a whole new woman,” Erin laughs after giving her first blood donation one year after being saved by blood donors.

Erin created a Facebook event called “Giving Back Day” inviting all her friends, family and coworkers to help celebrate Delilah’s birthday and the anniversary of the time Erin received the blood that saved her life. Erin and her husband gave for the first time at the event on March 17. On that day, Delilah’s grandpa Gary made his 34th life-saving donation. Happy Birthday Delilah and thank you to the Grace family!

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