Ninkasi donates pints

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Clearly, employees at Ninkasi Brewing know the value of a pint.


Emilie Hartvig and her pint

A group of them “hopped” over to Lane Blood Center recently to give blood, one pint at a time.

Among them was Emilie Hartvig, California donations manager. Despite a fear of needles and an aversion to blood, Emilie decided to donate as an act of community service.

“I wish I could be a doctor, but I hate blood,” she said. “This is my way of saving lives, I guess.”

Her father needed blood transfusions after a bout with cancer, as did her godmother, who fought breast cancer twice.

Emilie asked to hold the bag of blood she donated before leaving. “It’s a pint — perfect for a beer!” she said.

Lori Perry, who works in Ninkasi’s administrative department, donated for the first time during the event.

“I thought it would be for a good cause,” she said. “I hope to do it more often now.”


Lori Perry at her first donation

The brewing company encourages employees to give back to the community, permitting volunteer work during company time. It has worked with Habitat for Humanity, United Way and others.

Lane Blood thanks Ninkasi for encouraging its employees to donate blood and save lives!

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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