Fifteen years of giving

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Pat Cane

Pat Cane at McKenzie Fire & Rescue in Leaburg

The people of Leaburg know Pat Cane. At least the people who donate blood at McKenzie Fire & Rescue do.

Pat has coordinated our mobile blood drive at the fire station for the past 15 years.  With four drives a year, she has overseen her share of donations.

The May 8 blood drive at the firehouse in Leaburg was her last.

At the end of June, Pat will retire from the fire department, where she’s worked as an administrative assistant for the past 27 years. And she’ll retire as our resident blood drive coordinator.

We’ll miss her, but Pat’s an honest person, and she admits that she won’t miss working or organizing blood donations all that much. “It’s time to pass it on to somebody else,” Pat said.

She’s looking forward to weaving, a hobby she picked up in the 1970s. She’s got some projects around the house and some traveling to do. And she’s lined up a qualified successor to take over the duties of blood drive coordinator. That’s the kind of person she is: reliable.

Looking back, Pat’s proud of her work with the Lane Blood Center. And we’re grateful to have had her help.

“I just think it’s a really good cause,” she said. “And it’s very important. We have a lot of people in town who give and this is convenient for them.”

We wish Pat much happiness in her retirement and extend a sincere “thank you” to her — and to everyone else who helps make Lane County a great place to live.

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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