Critical shortage of B Neg blood

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Can you help?

We are experiencing a critical shortage of B negative blood type due in part to a complicated heart surgery that put a strain on our local supply. Please call 541-484-9111 or schedule your appointment online if you can help. Thank you!

B Negative: The scarcest blood type

Only 2 percent of the U.S. population has this blood type. Two percent of Lane County’s population is 7,000 people. Guess how many of those people donate blood? Only 300 — and most of those 300 don’t donate regularly.

To meet demand, Lane Blood Center needs to collect 24 units of B Negative blood every week. In recent months collections of this blood type have been 25 percent below this goal. This might not sound like a lot but if you think about one patient using 5-6 units when the supply is already low, the supply could drop to 50 percent of what’s needed in a heartbeat.

Though only 2 percent of the U.S. population has B Negative blood, some nationalities are more likely to have this blood type than others.  You can see from the map that people of Asian or African decent are much more likely to have type B blood than Caucasians (25 percent and 19 percent respectively).

If you have B Negative blood please consider becoming a donor. If you have B Negative blood and you already donate we thank you and encourage you to give as often as you’re able.

B-Allele map

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