Guest Post: Donating blood to get to the Fair

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Rachel Lane County Fair

Rachel Bivins, fair organizer and blood donor

To donate or not to donate, that is the question.

Answer: Donate!!! Plus, if you donate between now and July 26, you get a one-day pass to go to the Lane County Fair for FREE!

Not a lot of people know this, but one person’s blood donation can save three people’s lives. I am not a fan of needles, and I tend to get light-headed, but it all seems worth it when I think that I can help three people for just a brief discomfort. In truth, it didn’t hurt and I didn’t get light-headed. I even got a cookie — which makes every day better!

Donating blood is incredibly easy. First, find a location that works for you. I went to the kick-off drive at a county office with my colleagues. Second, fill out some paperwork while you enjoy a glass of water. Third, head to screening where they ask a few more questions and check your blood pressure, heart rate and iron levels. Next, donate!

The entire process takes about 30 minutes or less. Even if you don’t get to donate that day, you still get a pass to the fair for registering!

I was a little nervous as I had a bad experience when I donated in another city, but the Lane Blood Center staff is awesome and took great care of me. I already have my calendar marked for when I can donate again — eight weeks after my last donation.

If you have time and want to help, please do — now is the time!

— Rachel Bivins,¬†Director of Marketing and Sales/Assistant Fair Manager at Lane Events Center/Lane County Fair

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