Make It Count: Type O Negative

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O Neg blood dropIf you’re one of the few people with Type O Negative blood, you have a unique opportunity to help people in crisis.

People with O Negative blood are called universal donors because their red blood cells can be transfused into anyone, regardless of the recipient’s own blood type. That’s because the O- blood group is free of all three major antigens (A, B and Rh). Antigens are special molecules that can provoke an immune response. An incompatible blood type can cause the body to attack the foreign antigens and the blood cells carrying them.

This is very important in emergency situations when a person requires immediate blood transfusion with no time to test his or her blood group. O- blood is also important for premature babies and cancer patients

Only 6.6 percent of the population has O- blood. As a result, it is always in great demand and often in short supply.


Percentage of Population: 6.6%
Blood Types You Can Receive: O-
Patients Who Can Receive Your Red Cells: Anyone
Patients Who Can Receive Your Platelets: O-, O+
Patients Who Can Receive Your Plasma: O-, O+



Double Red Cell Donation via ALYX

As an O- donor, your red blood cells are in demand. Consider donating double red cells via ALYX at Lane Blood Center. ALYX is an automated red cell connection system that collects enough red cells to treat two patients while returning platelets and plasma to the donor. Red cells are used to treat severe anemia or bleeding caused by trauma, surgery, burns and blood disorders. Red cells are the most commonly transfused blood product.

Whole Blood Donation

Donate whole blood in our center at 2211 Willamette Street or at any of our mobile blood drives. Click here for a schedule. Click here to make an appointment.

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