Glad to be giving again

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Donor Rob Salinovich

“I’m so glad to be able to donate again,” says Rob Salinovich of Junction City, who had to stop giving blood following Dec. 16 surgery to remove a tumor from his ear canal.

He was concerned that the procedure to remove the invasive but benign tumor from the left side of his head and rebuild his ear structure might render him ineligible to donate again. But after speaking with a Lane Blood Center nurse about his medical history, he was cleared to continue giving blood. And that’s what he did the morning of Feb. 28.

Prior to surgery, Rob donated regularly to help manage the elevated levels of hemoglobin in his blood. Doing so helps him maintain his own health while benefiting others.

It’s a bit of a challenge, due to Rob’s serious fear of needles. “The giving is not an issue — it’s the needle,” he jokes.

How does he overcome it? “My wife, Judy,” he says. “I couldn’t do it without her. She holds my hand and talks about sailing or flying to distract me.”

Rob didn’t need a blood transfusion during his surgery, but he knows that by donating, he’s paying into the system that he may rely on in the future.

“When I was in surgery, I was thinking, I might need donated blood one day,” he says.

So now he’s back to donating regularly once again, and we’re glad to have him.

Would you like to donate blood? Check out our mobile blood drive schedule, or call 541-484-9111 to make an appointment.


Author: Rebecca Taylor

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