Donating in a daughter’s memory

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Shaylinn Manchester at age 18

Shaylinn Manchester at age 18

On Aug. 26, 2013, Shaylinn Manchester was driving home after having dinner with friends when an oncoming car crossed the center line and smashed into her Toyota Camry head-on. Both Shaylinn and the other driver were killed.

Just 21 years old, Shaylinn was three weeks away from graduating from Northwest Beauty College and starting a career as a hairdresser.

The crash occurred on Crow Road, 12 miles away from the home where she lived with her parents and brother. A roadside memorial marks the spot where she lost her life.

Her mother, Lori Manchester, has begun another legacy in her daughter’s memory: Donating blood.

Lori had given blood before the accident, but about a year ago the act took on new meaning.


Lori Manchester


“Now when I give blood, I give it in honor of my daughter,” Lori says. “I hope it helps to possibly keep someone else alive.”

She donated March 12 at our Cascade Title blood drive at the corner of East Eighth Avenue and Willamette Street after receiving an email asking for people to fill open appointment slots.

Everyone’s reason for donating blood is different. Sometimes its a simple act of community service, and sometimes its the result of significant loss. Either way, your gift of blood helps save lives. And we thank you.

shaylinn memorial

A roadside memorial marks the site of the crash on Crow Road


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