A birthday tradition

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Kaylee Craig

Kaylee Mayne and dad Craig donate on Kaylee’s 17th birthday

For the Mayne family of Eugene, giving blood is a family affair.

When her two children were young, Theresa Mayne gave blood whenever she could, often bringing the kids along. “I come from a family that gives a lot of themselves and their time,” Theresa explains.

So when Theresa and husband Craig asked daughter Kaylee what she wanted for her 16th birthday, it wasn’t a complete surprise when she said, “To give blood.”

“I always came when my mom gave blood and I always thought it was cool,” Kaylee says. “It’s an easy way to save people’s lives.”

The family couldn’t make it to Lane Blood Center on the actual day of Kaylee’s 16th birthday — they came in a few days later. Mom, dad, Kaylee and Kaylee’s older brother all donated together. Both Kaylee and her dad Craig donated for the first time that day.

Craig Theresa

Craig and Theresa Mayne donate on their daughter’s birthday

This year it all worked out. Kaylee, an 11th-grader at Churchill High School, was able to make an appointment on the actual day of her 17th birthday, again accompanied by her mom and dad. All three donated at the same time in honor of the big day.

In the past year, Kaylee has donated five times. Her parents accompany her at each visit, and they’ve made a habit of inviting a random family member to come along, too — a cousin, her brother, aunts and uncles. They race to see who can donate fastest, and all go out to lunch afterward to make a nice day of it.

Kaylee helps keep the family on target. “She reminds me when it’s time to give,” Craig says. “It’s really important to her.”

And it’s important to all of us. Each pint of donated blood can be used to save as many as three lives. So at just 17 years old, Kaylee may have helped a potential 45 people with her extraordinary gift of blood.

Would you like to help save lives like Kaylee? Make an online appointment to give blood at our center or call 541-484-9111, Or you can check out our mobile blood drive schedule to see if one is planned near you.

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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