Lane Blood supports revision of FDA ban on donations by gay men

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In light of news today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is ready to revise its ban on blood donations by gay men, Lane Blood Center has issued the following statement:

Lane Blood Center stands in solidarity with the gay community, and supports revision of the lifetime deferral period to one year for male donors who have had sexual contact with another male. Lane Blood Center is involved in the important work of saving lives, and will not discriminate against ANY patient needing a blood transfusion. Our organization encourages MSM males to ask eligible friends and allies to donate blood on their behalf until the lifetime deferral policy is lifted. Donating blood is easy, and each donation has the potential to save three lives.

Lane Blood Center believes that all potential donors should be treated with fairness, equality and respect, and that accurate donor histories and medically supported donor deferral criteria are critical to the continued safety of blood transfusion. Organizations that collect, manufacture and distribute blood products are united in their commitment to the safety of volunteer blood donors and those who receive blood. We are regulated by the FDA and — by law — must adhere to its deferral criteria.

For more information about Lane Blood Center and our position on MSM deferral, contact our Marketing & Communications Specialist at 541-484-9112, ext. 700.

Author: Rebecca Taylor

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