A major milestone for 100-time donor

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Terry Beyerlin moments before her 100th donation

Terry Beyerlin was just 18 when she donated blood for the first time.

She accompanied her best friend to Lane Blood Center — then called Lane Memorial Blood Bank — so that the friend could give blood ahead of her mother’s planned surgery. When the friend was deemed ineligible, Terry stepped up and made her first life-saving donation.

On June 9, 32 years after that first gift, Terry rolled up her sleeve and donated blood for the 100th time during our mobile blood drive at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District, in downtown Eugene.

It’s a major milestone for any donor, and one Terry achieved simply by giving blood every eight weeks, with few exceptions. A bit nonplussed by the attention, Terry said that donating blood is an easy way to help others, regardless of the giver’s financial situation at the time.

“It’s a blessing to be healthy enough to donate,” she said. And her Type O Negative blood — the universal blood type — makes her donations a blessing to patients in need.

Terry BeyerlinHer father was a regular donor, and encouraged young Terry to give blood, too. Her mother donated until she was no longer eligible due to prescription medication. And Terry’s son began giving while in a student at Thurston High School.

Terry herself used to trek to our Willamette Street blood center to donate, but our Sacred Heart mobile blood drive has made giving blood more convenient. A long-time PeaceHealth employee, she works in IT at the hospital, which hosts a mobile workplace blood drive every eight weeks. PeaceHealth encourages employees to give and considers it paid time.

Interested in giving blood and saving lives? Click here to see if one of our mobile blood drive is convenient for you, or call 541-484-9111 to make an appointment.


Author: Rebecca Taylor

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