Donating Blood is a Family Affair!

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Phil Kerr and  family donated at our Willamette Street collection center on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. Phil is currently at 148 donations! The son of a many-time donor, Phil is committed to donating blood and has encouraged family and friends to donate as well.

  • Phil’s daughter, Franki overcame her fear of donating & just gave her 3rd donation
  • Phil’s daughter-in-law, Dannie crossed donating blood off her bucket list by making it a ‘done that!’  item
  • Phil’s granddaughter, Kaitlin gave her first donation on her 16th Birthday – along with her mom and Phil’s grandson, Justin

IMG_2490Phil has commemorated his first donation date of 2/1/1991 and his 100th donation date of 8/28/07 in a ‘sweet’ arm tattoo he proudly wears.  When he reaches his 200th donation that date will be added to his arm.

Our community is very fortunate to have Phil’s family and friends donate to help patients in our local hospitals.

Thank you Phil and Family! 

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