Upgrades at the Lane Blood Center

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Dearest Donors,

We hope this finds you well and enjoying the first signs of fall! On October 1st, the Lane Blood Center will merge databases with Bloodworks Northwest, the organization we joined in July 2014. Bloodworks supports more than 90 hospitals in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Several important changes are happening as a result of this system merge, and we want to keep you fully informed.

Center Closure On October 1st, we will be upgrading the computer system we use to track your donations. We will be closed for collection on this day only as we implement the new processes. On Sunday, October 2nd, though our center will be closed, our mobile team will be out at the McKenzie Highland Games and Celtic Gathering, and would love to see you there!

Donor Identification Numbers + Wallet Cards All of our donors will receive new donor identification numbers as of October 2nd. At registration, we will have wallet cards available to print on-demand for you with your new number. Wallet cards will be printed on card stock and have space on the back to track the important health information you receive during screening, including your blood pressure and iron levels. You will also see a delightful face on the wallet cards: it features Scarlet Craig, a young girl from Eugene who has survived neuroblastoma due to advances in medicine, her incredible spirit and access to your life-saving donations.

Registration Technology On October 2nd, we will start using wireless tablets for registration — rather than paper donor record cards. This new system is known as SRQ (Self-Registration Questionnaire) and is designed to make the registration process more streamlined. For example, the system requires that each question is answered before progressing to the next. This will eliminate the chance of skipped questions and will provide more complete information for screening. While we know this technology will be beneficial to us in the long run, donors and staff alike will be learning a new system. We are here to support you during this transition!

Donor Eligibility Our first priority in collection is always safety, and we have new guidelines around first time donation on mobile blood drives for donors under the age of 18. Federal guidelines have recently changed around the number of times per year that donors may donate, and under these guidelines you may find that you are able to donate more frequently.  This will vary by type of donation and other factors, so please contact us with any questions!

Online Appointments Some of you use our online system to schedule your appointments, and have bookmarked a link to this donor portal. On October 2nd and for a month or so afterwards, visitors to this page will be redirected to the new Bloodworks donor portal, where you can schedule your preferred appointment times for the blood center as well as your favorite blood drives! To avoid going to the redirect page, please update your bookmarks to point to the new donor portal page: https://schedule.bloodworksnw.org/DonorPortal/

Your donations are extraordinary gifts, and we aim to make each donation experience an amazing one. We welcome any feedback you have on how we can make this a smooth transition. We appreciate you all!     

Yours Truly,

The Lane Blood Center Family

blood recipient and survivor extraordinaire, Scarlet Craig


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