A blood assurance plan (BAP) is a form of insurance that covers costs of blood products transfused that are not reimbursed through medical insurance or workers’ compensation. The annual premium is one donation of whole blood or platelets.

The beneficiaries of the initial donation include the donor and the donor’s family unit (dependents for tax purposes or domestic partner). Three additional donations made during the same year may be used to open BAPs for other individuals. Gift plans require that beneficiaries live in Lane County, Oregon, and be designated at the time the BAP is opened.


Coverage is not provided for pre-existing illness, and autologous and directed donations do not qualify as premium donations.

Other charges associated with the transfusion of blood products, such as crossmatch or administration fees, are not reimbursable.

Benefits are limited to $1,000 per claim and blood must be received at a hospital within the state of Oregon.


The initial donation given to establish a BAP provides coverage for one year from the date of donation. It may be extended for an additional year with a donation made between 60 days before and 30 days after the anniversary donation date.

Benefits expire 13 months after the initial donation or anniversary date.

Coverage begins immediately for transfusions given as part of medical treatment provided in case of accidental injury. Coverage for transfusions given as part of medical treatment for all other conditions takes effect 30 days after the initial donation.

A lifetime plan is established after 80 donations of whole blood or platelets. This coverage remains in effect for the donor and spouse indefinitely.

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