Donating Double Red Cells on ALYX


What is a double red cell donation?  ALYX is an automated red cell collection system that collects enough red cells to treat two patients. Donors lose less blood volume because ALYX returns a donor’s platelets and plasma and the needle is smaller.

Is ALYX right for me? Infrequent O+ or O- donors are needed most.  If you are an infrequent donor ALYX is a great way to maximize your donation by donating more of the blood component most commonly transfused while using less of your time.

If you are already a frequent donor (donating whole blood 4-6 times a year) we encourage you to maintain your schedule and continue donating whole blood.  This ensures a constant and adequate blood inventory.

Is ALYX safe?  Tens of thousands of people have safely donated on ALYX.  ALYX, like other donation systems, uses a sterile donation kit (needle, tubing, and bags) for each donor.

What are the requirements to be a double red cell donor?  To qualify, males must be at least 5’1″ and weigh at least 130 pounds, and women must be at least 5’5″ and weigh at least 150 pounds. Hemoglobin must be 13.3 g/Dl which is higher than the typical standard of 12.5 g/Dl.

How long does the process take?  A typical ALYX donation takes about 15 minutes longer than a whole blood donation. Donors can give two units of red cells on the ALYX machine every 112 days (16 weeks). Whole blood donations can be made every 56 days (8 weeks).

Who needs red cells?  Red cells are used to treat severe anemia or severe bleeding caused by trauma, surgery, burns or a bleeding disorder.  Red cells are the most commonly tranfused blood product.

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